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Frances Mackintosh

Frances Mackintosh was born and lives in Sunderland with her daughter and partner, Simon. She worked in local government for thirty-three years, in a role that involved understanding, predicting and interpreting behaviour,  before leaving and writing her first crime thriller Coming for You, her debut novel.

She studied Psychology and Criminology at Sunderland University and has used her expertise and passion for personality profiling to create the psychotic Grey Trench Coat Man. 

Crime thriller book

Coming for You

William Channing wanted affection. He wanted to be loved. His Mother gave
him neither. One of his early memories was watching her coldly, and happily
kill his father in their small, gloomy kitchen. She looked so happy. Mother
never looked happy.

As the years passed William wanted his mother’s affection. He does anything to make her happy. Including killing. They each play their role. William watches his victim and learns about their life, where they work, and where they live.


His Mother entraps and drugs them. Who wouldn’t help a malnourished, unkept elderly woman? She wants a grandchild. Someone to carry on the family name.

They lived their perfect, dark lives until they imprisoned their 18 the victim, 28- year-old Faith Taylor. Big mistake – she was no victim.

The second book in the series - Agatha Taylor is the daughter of the Grey Trench Coat Man, a serial killer who met a gruesome end. She is also out of control.

She preys on the harmless and unsuspecting, and kills them for her pleasure.

Her mother, Faith Taylor, has her own dark secrets. She is dating a narcissistic sociopath, Tom Quick. He is also the chief executive of Northshireland County Council. Tom always gets what he wants and he wants Faith to commit murder.


He loved watching them. He had watched all of them and got to know each one. The man in the grey trench coat. Before murdering them with the

help of his dear mother.

Phillip Jack Daw

I certainly wasn't disappointed with my decision to purchase the book, although not my usual genre. I was quickly gripped as the story unfolded with unexpected twists and turns. I read it in two sittings but I wouldn't have put it down given the chance! Highly recommended!!!

Joslyn Chase

'A good thriller grabs you by the throat, propels you along, and doesn’t let go until the story ends.'

Christine Beech
(proofreader and editor)

"I can wholeheartedly recommend this book to you. Frances is a gifted writer, and her scrupulous plot and fascinating characters will keep you in suspense throughout. Unfortunately, you will never again trust frail little old ladies.’

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